Sports Injury, Rehab and Chinese Medicine.

Having recently finished a Master workshop on sports injury and rehabilitation, it reinforced for me that Chinese Medicine (both Herbs and/or Acupuncture) has a lot to offer in this field. 

Acupuncture can increase soft tissue repair times to half that of other modalities. That is, players can be back in the game in half the time, but even more importantly than the reduced recovery time, is the repair. While there is a decrease in pain/discomfort, there is also a marked reduction in scar tissue and an increase in blood flow. This means that the injury site is not as weak post injury and rehab is improved. All this without drug intervention! 

Having been around elite physical performers (sporting and other activities) for many years and being able to treat most physical injuries with Chinese Medicine, it is good to see that the research is validating what I have seen, and been doing for many years.

Chinese Medicine is an efficient, clean, fast sports injury modality.
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