Men's Health and Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is an ancient medical system that has the same physical view of the human body’s organs as western medicine; however it also overlays that physical view with an organ energy system and the two halves, or opposites, of Yin and Yang.

In order to be truly healthy it is important to have the two opposites in balance. If for any reason there is an imbalance within the body of Yin and Yang then the result will be an illness of some sort. Men and women will obviously both suffer from many common illnesses, such as digestive conditions (IBS, colitis, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, ulcers), skin conditions, eye conditions, joint pains, toothaches, post surgical pains, urinary tract conditions, just to name a few; but the type of illnesses that are specific to men that are treated at The Tasmanian Chinese Medicine Pain & Injury Clinic are:

1. Male infertility;
2. Prostate conditions (BPH);
3. Erectile dysfunction; and
4. Early Male Pattern Baldness (EMPB).

Male infertility is treated with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine or a combination of both. We aim to increase the motility of the sperm and also to ensure that the production and quality of sperm is as high as it can be.

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, in layman’s terms is an enlarged prostate. The prostate is an organ that is about the size of a walnut. It sits at the base of the urinary bladder and wraps around the urethra and so when it is enlarged it may give symptoms of difficult urine flow, or a constant need to go to the toilet and then only a small amount of urine. Both of these issues can be eased, or if caught early enough, possibly reversed.

Erectile dysfunction is possibly the most embarrassing of male problems, but by far not the hardest to achieve a positive result with. Chinese Herbal medicine has been treating issues like this for centuries, the ancient remedies bordered on the bizarre, but today we at the Tasmanian Chinese Medicine Pain & Injury clinic only use Herbs that are CITES certified, and as such we do not use nor recommend the use of endangered animals, minerals or plants in our herbal treatments. 

Chinese Medicine has been shown to be able to assist in the treatment of these conditions. Through the use of Acupuncture (both Laser and Needles) and/ or Herbs these conditions can be helped. 
As with a lot of patients’ conditions that present to the clinic, we may need to work with your GP or Specialist to ensure the best possible outcome for you. The aim of the Tasmanian Chinese Medicine Pain & Injury Clinic is always to improve the health and quality of life of all patients.

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