CM has a long history of being able to help achieve pregnancy for women that have difficulty with conception.
Gynaecology is accepted as an area that CM is arguably the best in. CM is renowned for being able to regulate the menstrual cycle while eliminating PMS, PMT, mood swings and pain. In CM, a child is created by the combining of the male and female Jing (Kidney Essence). This gives the unborn child fundamental energy for life. Before the two essences can combine successfully, there has to be healthy Jing from both mother and father. That is why it is often necessary to treat both the prospective mother  and  father.

Primarily, fertility is about making sure that the mother's cycle is regular, pain free, and without any complications. With herbal medicines, physical rhythms and cycles are adjusted to achieve a balanced, healthy body for the baby to grow and prosper.

All herbs used are TGA approved and regulated; therefore, in the hands of a qualified doctor of CM, there are no risks to either mother or child.


How long before I become pregnant?
This is a common question asked, and the simple answer is that we cannot tell you. However, in CM Gynaecology, three cycles are required before we will say that a change has been enacted.

I am in the IVF program, will that matter?
Herbal medicine can help your body be as healthy as possible. That means that egg production is easier and those eggs produced are healthier.

What happens after I become pregnant?
Care doesn't stop once the good news takes place. Mother and child are still important to us, and may need to be monitored or need to have some help from herbs along the way. Then, there is also treatment after the great arrival.
Both mother and child may require help to recover to optimum health as soon as possible. Newborn babies are easily treated through the mother's milk.

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